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Common Health Problems Linked with Snoring

01.26.2015 · Posted in Health Articles

Snoring or sleep apnea is not only a major hurdle in getting a good night’s rest but is also linked with some serious medical conditions. Your partner may complain every other morning about how your snoring maybe interrupting their sleep, but it is also important to note that the effects of snoring may be more pronounced especially when it comes to your health. Many people take snoring to be a normal and harmless condition, but it is important to note that over time the effects of snoring on your body can cause severe health problems. Below we will look at some of the common health effects of snoring.

Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

GERD is a common disease for people with sleep apnea; both conditions are common for overweight people. GERD is characterized by the sucking of the contents of stomach up the esophagus. The irregular pressure changes in the esophagus caused by the closing and opening of the throat during snoring episodes causes the drawing of stomach contents up the esophagus and hence GERD. It is important for sleep apnea sufferers to talk to their doctor and find ways of treating their condition before the development of GERD.

Heart Disease

Sleep apnea has also been linked with fatal and nonfatal heart disease. Heart disease is of serious concern to anyone affected. Some of the cardiovascular conditions linked to snoring include coronary artery disease and high blood pressure which present a high risk of heart attack. Experimental treatment for sleep apnea includes continuous positive airway pressure as well as other snoring remedies available.


Sleep apnea is linked to the development of carotid atherosclerosis. This condition comes about as a result of the deposition of fat or plaque around the artery walls. This plaque leads to the narrowing of the arteries, and the subsequent result is stroke. High blood pressure, interrupted breathing during sleep, and long loud snoring are among the signs to look out for if you are looking to avoid strokes caused by long term snoring. Be sure to look for snoring remedies to avoid the risk of stroke.


Sleep apnea is also strongly linked to a condition known as nocturia. This condition is characterized by regularly waking up at night to urinate. Studies suggest that people who snore during the night wake up more regularly to urinate. This can cause daytime sleepiness and increased irritability and crankiness.

Common Snoring Remedies

The above list of conditions and health risks should act as a wake-up call to people who constantly snore. Snore sprays, mouthpieces, and pillows are among the available remedies to help you avoid snoring in your sleep and hence eliminating the associated health risks. helps you find out how your snoring problem can affect your health negatively and what things that you can do to save your health before it’s too late.

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