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How Electric Cigarette Helped A Hopeless Smoker

09.10.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

I have been smoking since I was in high school. My life was all right at first, but as I grew older, the problems associated with cigarette smoking gradually surfaced. Cigarette smoking took a toll on my family and myself until I made the switch to electronic cigarette.nnI first got exposed to cigarettes when I was sixteen, when a bunch of my friends shared a pack in a parking lot. Back then, no one really cared about the risks of smoking, if any was even known.nnJust like what happened to many smokers, this teenage mistake stuck with me. I grew my cigarette habit from a few a day to over a pack a day. It was not exactly easy on my lungs or my wallet.nnAs the years passed, I found myself overweight, overworked, having two kids, and constantly arguing with my wife. In addition to my hectic family life, I also developed chronic bronchitis and coughed incessantly. I often woke up in the middle of the night as I had difficulties breathing. This did not please my wife one bit.nnOne of my biggest worries though, was passing second hand smoke to my children. Although I tried to smoke on the porch and away from the kids whenever possible, the smell and residual ashes on my clothes were more than enough for my 4-year-old daughter to handle. She is sensitive to cigarette smoke frequently got ill because of it.nnSo I tried quitting through various methods, but nothing really worked for me. I began to feel that I was losing control of my own life. This depressed feeling further fed my fixation on cigarettes.nnThen one day I saw something on the internet about electronic cigarettes. Against my gut feelings, I ordered an unit. To my surprise, it delivered enough nicotine and tasted great. I found no need to go back to regular cigarettes. More importantly, the product did not generate traditional smoke. The “smoke”, or vapor, I puffed out was mostly water, which my family was totally OK with. My chronic bronchitis also gradually got better because I stopped inhaling smoke and ashes. Nevertheless, I still avoid smoking it around my kids. I don’t want to send the wrong message that it’s ok to start smoking.nnThis switch to electronic cigarette has helped me rescue my family’s health and my own well-being. I finally feel that I have control over my life. I’m definitely a much happier and active man today. This is how the electronic cigarette saved my life.

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