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Hypnosis – What It is And What It is not

07.27.2009 · Posted in Self Improvement Articles

Myths have always chased hypnosis and its healing offshoot, hypnotherapy. Some regard them to be black magic whereas others reject them as pseudo science. Some of the popular myths associated with hypnosis and the reality behind them are discussed here.nnHypnosis has no link with any sort of dark arts. It is a very simple technique, which can be explained without much difficulty with the help of psychology and other scientific methods. The genuineness of hypnosis is suspected even by people who have seen it casting its spell on subjects. They hold that those who can be hypnotized are somehow weak mentally. But this again is a complete fallacy. Even people with strong will power can fall under the spell of a specialist hypnosis practitioner.nnAnother false belief about hypnosis that people have invented arbitrarily is that it is an altered state of consciousness. An individual under hypnosis does not get segregated from the outside world, but remains completely aware of the goings on around him. Hypnosis actually brings forth a state of complete relaxation characterized by a growth in levels of attentiveness, and this intensified awareness helps the subject to receive new inputs without difficulty.nnAnother misconception, which has been propagated by some scientists, claims that hypnosis can work on merely 5% of the human population. Although, the research has some shred of truth to it, what makes it empty is the fact that the scientists used the same hypnosis technique for everyone. People differ in their characters and personalities, and thus there have to be different hypnosis techniques to fit the temperaments of different people.nnMeditation and hypnosis are usually thought to be the same by people. However, meditation is a purely personal feeling that has got nothing to do with communication, whereas communication is a fundamental part of any successful hypnosis. The state of trance and the state of hypnosis are entirely different from each other too. Trance is again a mental state sans any communication, on the other hand communication forms the very foundation of the hypnosis technique.nnAnother misconception is that physical and behavioural changes in an individual are not attainable through hypnosis training or hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is clearly not magic that it can change the physique of an individual just like that. However, it can propel the body to a healthy shape through behavioural changes like eating less, and quitting smoking and other addictions by ensuring a good amount of of motivation in an individual.nnUndergoing hypnotherapy is a fine way to lead a happy and fulfilling life, and hence one must not pay attention to the misconceptions, and go for hypnotic sessions with an unbiased mind.

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