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Positive Thinking For Both Stress And Anxiety

10.18.2009 · Posted in Self Improvement Articles

All of us encounter stress. It is part of our everyday lives. It is unavoidable. Stress only brings negativity when we react a certain way to stressors. Hans Selye, an endocrinologist, proposed that there are two kinds of stress. There is “eustress”, which is good stress; and there is “distress” or bad stress. Eustress is the stress that’s felt when there is a realization of something good that will happen after a certain ordeal. Distress, on the other hand, happens when one cannot adapt to stress.nnAnxiety is a state of mind characterized by uneasiness and constant worry. While bad stress or distress is due to a reaction to a recent or current negative event, anxiety is a result of a reaction to an upcoming event perceived to be negative. For this reason, anxiety is often associated with fear.nnStress can lead one to a path of various physical and mental disorders. Anxiety is one of them. This is why stress management is so important. But sometimes, especially for those who do not know what it is, stress hits without the stressed realizing it. Some people develop anxiety or panic disorders without knowing that their stress has been left unchecked for a long time.nnIf you are stressed too much due to the bad things that have happened to you, pause and realize that there are good things that have happened as well. If there is none, there is still the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. There are always better things to think about. If you think you’ve been overly anxious recently, realize that your constant fear isn’t really something to be feared. It just comes natural for you to think of worst-case scenarios. Try to do what you have not been doing: think of positive outcomes and work hard to achieve them.nnStress and anxiety have always been about the negative. Stress results from the negative past or present, while anxiety is fearful of a negative future. Having a positive outlook may be hard for those who have stress and anxiety disorders, but it’s always a stepping stone to overcoming either one.

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