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Practical Tips When Choosing Gates and Gate Openers for Your Home or Business

02.03.2015 · Posted in Business News Article

The gate to your property is your first layer of security. Whether you are installing one at home or business, it will help protect your family and loved ones or it will keep bad guys away from a business that you have worked hard for. 

It is crucial to pick the right gate to serve as barrier between your property and the outside world. While you want to keep out other people, you want to gain easy access and this makes automatic gate openers such as an Aleko gate opener your best friend. 

Choosing the Right Gate for You

There are two basic types of gates to choose from — sliding gates and swing gates. What you will pick will depend on how level the ground is and the clearance you have. Sliding gates are perfect if you have enough clearance on the property to accommodate the opening gate going to the sides of the fence and it is also ideal if you want to avoid any incoming traffic. Meanwhile, a swinging gate will just swing from posts where it is hinged and is among the most common choice for home and business owners. 

The next thing to consider is whether you want a manual gate or an automatic gate. Manual gates, as the name suggests,will require some effort to close and open. On the other hand, automatic gates make use of swing or slide gate openers such as the Aleko Lockmaster sliding gate opener. These automatic gate openers come with remote control so you can gain entry with a simple press of the button. 

After figuring out the type of gate you want, you also have to think of the material to use for your gates. One of the best choices for gates is wrought iron since it has anti-corrosive properties. Other good alternatives are steel gates and aluminum gates. There are also people who prefer wood gates but maintenance can be a nightmare. 

Discuss with your contractor the budget you have for the gate as well as the aesthetic aspects. 

Shopping for Gate Openers

Buying a gate opener is a major investment. Do not always go for the cheapest but always think long-term. Buying the right one for the first time will save you from a lot of headaches as well as avoid burning your hard-earned money. 

Always go for reputable brands such as Aleko gate opener. Trusted brands offer fair price, quality gate openers, and great customer service, which might be one of the best things that come with your purchase.So, do your homework and ask friends or research on the Internet before buying a gate opener. 

Determine the number of cycles of opening and closing your gates will be subjected too so you can ask the manufacturer on the average lifespan of its gate openers. A Lockmaster sliding gate opener, for example, will last for years if not decades. 

Also find out from the manufacturer how you should maintain your Aleko gate opener and ask if service can be provided when a major problem occurs.

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