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Safe Tans are Possible with Sun Laboratories

01.26.2015 · Posted in Shopping and Fashion

Sunless tanning has become a phenomena of the 21st century as everyone realizes the dangers of getting the sun-kissed look they want when they bake in the hot sun. Skin cancers and melanomas are difficult to deal with at best and can be fatal at their worst. The great thing is that today, you can avoid all that trauma because you have the best sunless tanning products available at your fingertips.

You no longer have to lay out in that furnace, literally roasting yourself, to gain a “healthy” glow. It is a fact that although the act of getting tanned skin is dangerous, we perceive a tan as healthy – it looks robust. So get the healthy look you want and actually stay healthy at the same time now. Sun Laboratories, created in 1983 with a forward-thinking philosophy that sunless tanning was the wave of the future, has the best sunless tanning products in the industry today.

Since they started so early, before anyone else had really thought about it, they have had decades to perfect and improve their formulas. Those formulas are honed to perfection and very responsive for today’s time-crunched person. When applied, it takes only about three hours for the sunless tanners to work their magic and turn your pale skin into glowing tanned skin – to the depth and darkness you want – with just a few minutes of application.

The moisturizers in Sun Laboratories sunless tanning lotions and sprays are part of what makes the glow last much longer than other products on the market. Your skin will be supple and smooth and will maintain the darker look you’ve gotten. While sunless tanning is a temporary effect that must be reapplied, the products from Sun Laboratories will enable you to go more days before reapplication. The formulas that are blended of natural ingredients are so easy to apply, that it is something you can seamlessly work into your weekly beauty routine without missing a beat.

These excellent sunless tanning products from Sun Laboratories work on all skin types, and they will take you from pale to radiant in just a few hours, or will set overnight with other formulations. They have separate formulas available to address the differing needs you have – some work best for body and some work really well for your face. All are great at hydrating your skin so you really do glow.

Sunless tanning products are even more appreciated by those who have already concluded that they can’t go out in the sun for a tan – those who are very fair and will only burn and peel, those who have aging skin that doesn’t need more help aging faster, those who are using acne medication that is irritated by sunlight, among others. Other skin issues such as eczema or psoriasis benefit from these products as well.

Even better than all of this – you don’t have to wait for the weather to clear in order to have your tan now. No longer do you need sunny days – all you need are the excellent self tanning products from Sun Laboratories.

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