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05.04.2012 · Posted in Public Speaking Articles

Search engines recently released a new tool the “Google Site Optimizer”. Those knowledgeable about testing conversion rates know that the easiest way to do this is to “split test”. Yahoo and google Website Optimizer makes break testing multiple variations of the page surprisingly simple economical. For those of you that don’t know what divided testing is, allow me to demonstrate.. State you have a page setup for gathering potential clients, it consists of a header, several short bullet items, your lead capture form and your footer. Let’s imagine this original web page has a conversion price of 6% – for each 100 visitors typically the page receives, six of them fill out the form and submit it. If you test, you set up numerous variations of the original web page, each variation becoming slightly different (usually just one change each variation). So , in one variation you might affect the header, within you might change the bullet points and so forth. You then use a split testing script that moves your traffic to at least one various internet pages you’ve setup. You actually continue this process before you find a very good converting mixture possible. For your normal lead capture, most of the people strive for 30-45% before retiring their results. With Yahoo and google Website Optimizer, you can test all blends of your page at the same time. 1st, you supply the original page you’d like to create variations of; this can be a lead capture, a website, whatever web page leads to a conversions of some type. Following, you supply the successful conversion site. For a lead capture, your transformation page would be your thanks for your time page, for the sales process, it can be typically the “thanks to your order” page etc. These days you’re able to separate the page you intend to test right into as many different categories as you’d like simply by inserting simple javascript in the page. For any common lead capture page, you may break it in to a header, bullet points, form, and footer, but it could entirely your decision the amount of sections you want to use. After you’ve broken down your page into parts, it’s now time to create versions of each of the different parts. The very first site I tried with Google Website Optimizer was an old squeeze page that we hadn’t got available to optimizing. My spouse and i broke the page in to 4 categories (header, bullet details, form, and also footer). I then created 1 deviation for each section. For the header, I actually tried a shorter version of the header together with slightly different text. For the topic points, I tried shortening them and achieving rid of among the bullet things. For the web form, I a new version having a custom question field (the original is definitely name/email). And for the footer alternative, I added the post script nevertheless, “P. Ring – You will simply see this page as soon as, so don’t lose out on that one time deliver! inch. After allowing it to run for around 3 days and a few hundred guests, I successfully got the original conversion speed of 6% and improved it by over 500%! This means I’m now seeing a conversion rate regarding 30% – all it was a little while until was 15 minutes of my the perfect time to setup the Yahoo and google Website Optimizer. The successful combination was the unique header, the reduced bullets with one removed, the original shape, and the footer that got the added post program. I’m going to continue testing this page by different versions and see only can’t obtain it closer to the 50% conversion quote. Effectively, if this have been a PPC campaign We would have just slice my cost per the conversion process by 500%. In the event that that was a substantial budget marketing campaign, that could signify saving lots of money a month. All round, Need to declare, the Google Web-site Optimizer is an excellent merchandise, and the fact that it’s free with regard to Adwords advertisers is better yet. Now only when they could clean up their listings.. yet that’s a whole some other topic. You could enroll in Google Website Optimizer at

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