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Stress Relief Work: Workplace Stress Busters

10.09.2009 · Posted in Self Improvement Articles

Wherever we work, we always encounter stress. Stress may stem from different circumstances or situations we face while we do our respective duties or from what we perceive as to how we perform. Stress is actually helpful since it triggers our fight or flight response, thus allowing us to work faster and giving us more stamina and strength by producing amounts of adrenalin. But if left unchecked, our body goes into overload, which breaks us physically and mentally.nnSince stress is unavoidable, all we can do is make sure it does not accumulate and cause us problems in performance. Here are a few tips to immediately disperse the stressors youre dealing with:nnTake a deep breath: When you start feeling the effects of stress, stop whatever youre doing and take a few deep breaths. Doing so allows more oxygen into your body that you instantly feel relaxed. Taking deep breaths also helps composure, which in the long run, is really what you need to get through a stressful situation.nnKnow your limits: We are not superheroes. We have limits as to what we can do. Most of the stresses we get from the office are a result of our own actions. We subject our own selves to time pressure by agreeing to more workload than we know we can handle. Committing yourself to tasks that you know you cannot finish gives you more things to worry about. You have to learn how to say NO.nnTake a break. Taking regulated breaks will allow your body to relax even just for a few minutes, giving you more energy and a fresher insight of things by the time you get back. Taking a brisk walk around the office, making coffee, or just emptying your mind for a few minutes will do. Any action that will break the monotony of your work will be helpful in the long run.nnThere are a lot more things you can do to handle the stress you get at work. The good thing is that there is no need to go anywhere or pay any amount to achieve a state of relaxation. The important thing is that you recognize and know how to deal with the stressors that may come your way.

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