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The Importance Of Flexible Packaging and Shrink Sleeve Labels in Marketing

01.26.2015 · Posted in Business News Article

When it comes to product branding and marketing, the name of the game is increased sales. It really couldn’t be simpler. If what your company is doing for getting your brand out in front of the public isn’t bring in the increased sales numbers, you might need to rethink that strategy. When consumers walk into a store to purchase anything, the number one reason they buy a new product is due to packaging that gets their attention. You have about 6 seconds to influence about 55% of the brand decision buying per consumer, on average. So your packaging, what a consumer sees on your product in the store, had better grab them hard and grab them quick. Advertising is great, promotions and coupons are terrific, and recommendations from a friend do pretty well to get the word out, but if you really want to sell more, you’ve got to put your brand on the product in a distinctive way face-to-face with your customer in the store.

One of the primary ways to do this is with shrink sleeve or flexible packaging from Anchor Flexible Packaging. This type of packaging takes your brand message, graphics, and anything else that is label-worthy and transfers this to a type of film that can be adhered to just about any kind of container. Think of many of the bottled drinks now – they have labels with graphics, logos, and label information that go all the way around the bottle. Or the packet of juice your kids stick a straw into for drinking – that flexible package has just as much graphic art and label information, too. This “in your face” type of brand marketing makes it impossible for consumers to miss you provided your graphics are strong and appealing. Making that connection with the consumer is critical, and is what will drive your sales through the roof.

You can make your brand shout out in a 360 degree fashion with beautiful color and clean, simple wording that gets the message across. Space limitations are greatly reduced from what you get with traditional packaging sleeves, and allow you to be more creative – upping the shelf appeal. You can make someone rethink their previous decisions not to try or buy your product just by grabbing their attention in the right way now. Shrink sleeve manufacturing from Anchor Flexible Packaging allows you some other advantages, too. The sleeve could be a full body type that provides a seal on the product for added security. If you have to break the sleeve to open the product, the consumer likes that added layer of protection. You also have the opportunity to increase their confidence in your product by leaving a portion of the sleeve (plus container) clear so they can see what’s inside the container – this is a prized accommodation from a consumer’s standpoint.

Your brand message is more likely to arrive at the store for display and sale in better condition with shrink sleeves because of their durability. All your graphics and wording is showing up behind the film that is shrunk – it’s going to stay readable. You can even be green with bio-degradable shrink sleeves from Anchor Flexible Packaging.

At Anchor Printing, we take pride in offering our clients cut & stack labeling, pressure sensitive labels, roll-fed labeling, shrink sleeves as well as flexible packaging options.

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